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Roche Completes Bone Marker Test Menu with new Elecsys Vitamin D3 Assay

The recent addition of the Elecsys® Vitamin D3 (25-OH) assay to the range of tests available for use on the cobas platforms and MODULAR ANALYTICS SWA allows Roche to offer one of the most complete Bone Marker and Hormone assay menus available in the market place


Vitamin D is important for the absorption of calcium and is vital for the growth and health of bones.  25-OH Vitamin D3 measurements are used to assess Vitamin D status in the diagnosis and monitoring of bone disease and other conditions associated with Vitamin D deficiency or excess.


 Elecsys® Vitamin D3, for the in vitro quantitative determination of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 in human serum or plasma, is the only fully automated Vitamin D assay available on a combined chemistry and immunoassay platform and the first Vitamin D assay to be standardised against the LC-MS-MS reference method.  It joins the full menu of assays for bone markers (ß-Crosslaps, Total PINP and N-Mid Osteocalcin), hormones (PTH, Estradiol, Testosterone, DHEAS and SHBG) and bone minerals (Calcium and Phosphate) available from Roche Diagnostics to allow a complete differential diagnosis of bone disease on one platform.


Demonstrating superior precision (typically <5.0% CV on MODULAR ANALYTICS <E> and cobas e 601), the Elecsys® Vitamin D3 (25-OH) assay provides accurate and reliable results over a wide measuring range (4-100ng/ml) and in just 18 minutes.


As Roche has fully consolidated all the above tests on a SWA platform, they offer improved sample workflow, cost and labour savings as well as more accurate results.


For further information about the Elecsys® Vitamin D3 (25-OH) assay and the complete range of bone marker assays available from Roche Diagnostics please contact burgesshill.technicalenquiry@roche.com