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Future-proof Chlamydia test launched

Roche Diagnostics has launched a brand new “future proof” test for Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) based on the award-winning polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology. The new COBAS® TaqMan CT Test v2.0 is superior to the previous version as it not only identifies the recent mutation seen in Sweden (“Swedish variant”, nvCT) but by design ensures any future mutations will also be detected. The test is used in combination with the COBAS® TaqMan 48 PCR Analyser.

The COBAS® TaqMan® CT Test v2.0 enables robust, reliable and sensitive CT detection by dual targeting: multiple targets on the Chlamydia cryptic plasmid and genome (MOMP gene) deliver additional security when one target site has been deleted. By this means it allows detection of the “Swedish variant” and other CT strains that may harbour deletions in the cryptic plasmid.

By targeting the cryptic plasmid being present at 4–10 copies in each elementary body, the COBAS® TaqMan® CT Test v2.0 provides greater sensitivity for detection of wild-type Chlamydia than tests that only target the Chlamydia genome.

The COBAS® TaqMan® CT Test v2.0 is fully compatible to the COBAS® TaqMan® CT Test, requiring the same collection media and the same quantities of reagent and samples. There is no need for revalidation in your laboratory.

To find more detailed information on how the COBAS® TaqMan® CT Test v2.0 is performing and how it can be effectively combined with the TECAN® Freedom EVO® 75 Instrument, download the product brochure.